The luxury quotient

55-high-ceilings-in-luxury-properties Dream life: Many developers offer features like infinity pools and High ceilings in luxury properties.

Typically, most new housing complexes these days come with parking spaces, children’s play areas and quality fittings. Mid-to-premium housing complexes generally have club houses and swimming pools in addition to the other amenities. Luxury properties, however, offer a whole different experience.

Buyers of such properties are affluent and well-travelled, and they wear and drive luxury brands. They are used to five-star experiences and expect the same at their homes. The number of such people is on the rise and realty developers are going all out to woo them.

It all starts with grandeur. You would expect grand lobbies with chandeliers and high ceilings and architecture designed by globally known names. In Mumbai, it could be a high-rise with huge windows and balconies opening up to stunning sea or city views. In Bengaluru, it could well be a huge bungalow with wide green open spaces within a gated compound.

These fully-air conditioned homes have lavish facilities, ranging from high-end security systems, smart lighting to fully equipped kitchens with top-of-the-line appliances and multi-car parking spaces. Just as the facilities inside, the amenities offered within the housing complex have to be equally grand. There will be infinity pools, multi-sport facilities, high-end spas, mini-cinema, cafes and restaurants, concierge services, leisure and conference spaces.

In some cases, developers collaborate with luxury brands to provide their customers premium lifestyle experience. Developers also organise curated events around arts, fashion and culinary experiences. A few years ago, a Mumbai-based developer had arranged exclusive displays of high-end cars from Porsche and Ferrari. As a developer put it, one has to feel special and pampered, and highly exclusive in a luxury property.