Zunpulse Avian Plus 30: A remote-controlled BLDC motor-powered fan for your house

The fan’s main USP, other than its BLDC motor, is the remote control bundled with it

Zunpulse Avian Plus 30 Zunpulse Avian Plus 30

BLDC motors, or brushless DC motors, have been the trend in the home fan space for quite a while now. They use direct current (DC) as their power source and are supposed to be less noisy and more energy-efficient. Zunpulse is a relatively small player in the smart home appliance but with a lot of products for home appliance requirements. The Zunpulse Avian Plus 30 is a BLDC-powered ceiling fan that is priced at Rs 2,400, which I have been using for a few weeks. Does it deliver on the promises mentioned above? Let’s quickly find out.

From the looks of it, the Avian Plus 30 looks like any other ceiling fan you see every day except for the LED mounted right in the middle of the fan. The fan sports three blades for wings covering a span of 1,200mm. It’s powered by a 30watt BLDC motor and can be operated with a remote control that is included in the package. The ball bearing has double-sided steel shielding over it and the whole fan weighs about 3kg. The fan comes in Brown and White colour options, the latter being the one I tried.

The fan’s main USP, other than its BLDC motor, is the remote control bundled with it. The remote control has a plastic body with rubber buttons on the front. You can select from six different speeds, set timers for switching the fan off automatically when the timer is complete, turn the fan in reverse mode (apparently this is to be used during winters), and switch the LED on or off. The LED in the middle also switches on for half a second whenever you press a button. The LED is small and just bright enough to be used late at night if you want to move around in your place without disturbing anybody else around and not bombarding lights for others, and nothing else.

The fan itself is not noisy at all, all the sound you hear of the air blowing off the blades and none of the motor running inside. One downside often sighted for BLDC motors fans is that they can be slower than their traditional counterparts, and though this one might be slightly slower than a traditional one when comparing their highest speeds, it’s still fast enough to cover a 12x12 room. I never really saw a need for the fan to be faster on speed 6. As per the company, you can expect as much as 65% of electricity saving from this fan. Though I can’t say it is exactly so, it’s certainly less power hungry compared to older models seeing the metre running side by side for the same setup.

All in all, at Rs 2,400, this Zunpulse BLDC fan does live up to most of its claims and it delivers with fast enough speeds and quite enough operations. I would have liked to see Zunpulse give the remote control a better design in terms of looks as well as materials used considering how frequently it’s required to be used, but this 5-star energy rated fan does perform the job.

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