Wireless earphone review: Mivi DuoPods A350

A decent build quality for the price tag!


Mivi DuoPods A350 are a pair of true wireless earbuds that are priced at Rs. 1,499. You, that’s how much they are priced at and it’s pretty much the USP of these. Let’s try and see what and how it performs in real.

Mivi’s DuoPods A350 come in a circular shaped plastic charging case that doesn’t feel cheap. The buds fit really nicely into the case (magnetically) and require a decent push up to be taken out from there. 

The buds follow a long stem design with no in-ear tips. The pair has dual mics, signal LED each to confirm charging and weigh under 50 grams. In the box, you also get a short USB type C cable and that’s about it.

The A350 carry 13mm drivers and Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity with support for AAC and SBC codecs. They sport touch buttons near the top – you can tap once to call play or pause, long-press to reject a call, press twice on the right bud to move to the next track and on the left bud to move to the previous track, press thrice on either bud to switch on voice assistant (depending on your connected device).

The buds have no in-ear silicon design and are all plastic. When it comes to comfort, the buds fit in well, they don’t fall off or start to slide when moving, but they aren’t the most comfortable by any means. If you put them on for, say, an hour, there’s a good chance you might find them harder to wear any longer and would like to put them off. Of course, this depends on your ear, but that’s what I found – they fit in well but aren’t very comfortable when used for a long time. The touch buttons work fine, though whenever you’re placing them in your ears, the volume function gets triggered (long pressing the left earbud to decrease and the right earbud to increase volume). The buds don’t audo pause or play when removed from the ear or placed back, and you can’t customize touch buttons functionality.

Coming to the audio quality, you get what you’re paying for. The bass isn’t that high (contrary to what the box says), and background often gets mushed when playing genres like rock or metal. It does a decent job of handling voice notes and Bollywood stuff. The overall volume gets quite loud, so there’s that covered. For receiving calls and mic quality, the earbuds do a decent job and don’t show much worth complaining. Don’t expect great audio from the earbuds, but they do just about what’s expected from TWS at this price range for now. The best thing about these is their battery life. In one go, the pair lasted around 7 hours, plus about 40 hours or so with the charging case. And it all gets charged in about an hour or so, credit to Mivi for a solid battery life.

In conclusion, Mivi’s DuoPods A350 perform a lot like how its audio quality goes – pretty much what you’re paying for. The pair has a great battery life (including the charging case), touch buttons that (usually) work, okay-ish audio quality and a decent build quality for the price tag. If you are really looking a wireless pair of earbuds under Rs. 1,500 to mostly make and receive calls on the go without having to worry about its battery life, the A350 might well be for you, but if your use case includes a lot of music playback and while wearing the buds for longer hours, you might want to spend a little more and look at some other options

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