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Episode 03: Chasing Pawan Kumar Jallad08:00

Episode 03: Chasing Pawan Kumar Jallad


When the curtain falls on the seven-year-old Nirbhaya saga with the hanging of the four gang-rape convicts, there is another man who will be in the spotlight—54-year-old Pawan Kumar Jallad, a professional hangman who makes his debut with this execution. The four death row convicts, says Pawan Kumar, could be hanged all at once, with no special technique required. And, he needs no assistance; his seven children and grandchildren are not interested to learn the trade.

In this episode of Reporter's Diary, we have with us Senior Correspondent Sneha Bhura, who will share her experience of chasing Pawan Kumar in his hometown Meerut, for a story on him and his family and what drives them.