Kremlin to discharge all Indians working in Russian Army after PM Modi raises matter with Putin

Over 50 Indians were reportedly tricked into joining Russian Army to fight Ukraine

AP07_09_2024_000339B Prime Minister Narendra Modi, left, and Russian President Vladimir Putin walk during an informal meeting at Novo-Ogaryovo residence, outside Moscow | AP

Russia has agreed to discharge all Indians working in the Russian Army. It will also facilitate their return to their home country, according to reports.

The Prime Minister, who is in Moscow for a two-day visit, took up the issue with Russian President Vladimir Putin during a private hosted by the latter last evening, sources told ANI. It was then that Russia agreed to discharge all Indians serving in their army.

The Ministry of External Affairs had acknowledged that at least two Indian nationals who had been recruited by the Russian Army have recently been killed in the ongoing conflict with Ukraine. Two others had died earlier. At least 50 men were reportedly tricked into joining the Russian Army by agents promising better wages, permanent residency and a Russian passport. 

Following this, the Centre launched a probe into the illegal recruitment, arresting four people in June. India has also demanded that there be a verified stop to any further recruitment of its nationals by the Russian Army.

Before his departure to Moscow, the Opposition Congress had asked Modi whether he would take up the issue of Indian nationals fighting for the Russian Army in the war zone.

Congress general secretary, in-charge communications, Jairam Ramesh posed a series of questions for the prime minister in a post on X. "Many others have been 'duped' into fighting a war where they have no stake, aside from a chance to escape the poverty and unemployment crisis that the non-biological Prime Minister has perpetuated domestically. Will the non-biological Prime Minister take up the cause of these youth? Will he ensure their safe return to India as soon as possible?" Ramesh said.

AIMIM president Asaduddin Owaisi too called on Modi to take up with Russian President Vladimir Putin the issue of Indian nationals "serving" with the Russian Army

The Hyderabad MP said Modi, who headed to Russia, should also ensure that Indians who are stuck in the war zone are brought back to the country at the earliest. One of the deceased was from Hyderabad.

Since @narendramodi is in Russia, he must follow up with Putin and stop the recruitment of Indians to fight in the Ukraine war. He should also ensure that innocent Indians who are stuck in the war are brought back home at the earliest,"Owaisi in a post on 'X' said.

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