Did Israel offer Iran a 'compromise in Gaza' to avoid retaliation to embassy attack?

Israel's message came via Egypt's foreign minister, the Tasnim news agency said

Syria Israel Emergency service workers clear the rubble at a destroyed building struck by Israeli jets in Damascus, Syria | AP

Israel sent a message to Iran via Egypt that it was willing to compromise in Gaza if Tehran avoided a reaction to the attack on its embassy in Syria, according to Iran's semi-official media Tasnim news agency.

The report cited the head of Iran's Revolutionary Guards Aerospace Force Amirali Hajizadeh. "Israel sent messages through Egypt's foreign minister that it will compromise in the war in Gaza to avoid Iran's retaliation", Hajizadeh said, adding that Iran’s attack "destroyed" targeted Israeli military bases. 

Hajizadeh also claimed that Israel struck the IRGC officers in Damascus because it was looking for an easy win after the failures of October 7. He said Israel did not think it would trigger a direct response from Tehran.

Israel's attack on the Iranian Embassy in Damascus, Syria, had pushed West Asia to the edge after Iran retaliated by sending explosive drones and missiles to Israel, its first direct attack on Israeli territory. Israel is yet to respond to the report. 

Houthis get 'Ghadr'

Tasnim said in another report that Tehran’s sea-launched ballistic missile 'Ghadr' has been made available to Yemen’s Houthis.

"Iran’s sea-launched ballistic missile, named Ghadr, now has been made available to Yemen’s (Houthi) fighters," the report said, adding that the missile has become "a weapon capable of presenting serious challenges to the interests of the United States and its main ally in the region, the Zionist regime."

Interestingly, though Iran has pledged support for the Houthis, it, for long, did not acknowledge that it was supplying arms to the rebel groups. However, analysts believe Houthis were receiving weapons from Iran by 2014, the year they captured Sanaa. 

Ever since the Israel-Hamas war broke out, the Houthis have been attacking ships affiliated to Israel or links with Israeli businessmen, in a show of support for the Palestinians. 

However, the rebel groups mistakenly attacked a Greek-owned, Marshall Islands-flagged bulk carrier with a cargo of grain bound for Iran last week. A statement released by French naval forces based in the UAE that patrol the Middle East also identified the vessel's grain shipment as being bound for Iran. 

Initially, after the attack, the Laax had listed its destination as Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates. On Thursday, however, its listed destination instead appeared to be Bandar Khomeini, Iran. 


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