WATCH | Viral video shows airline staffer falling from plane as colleagues remove mobile ladder, survives

The TransNusa Airline employee survived multiple injuries but was not critical

jakarta airport viral video man falls from plane The man landed on his back after falling from the airplanes front door, the viral video showed. | Screengrab

A silly yet shocking accident video has surfaced from Indonesia's Jakarta Airport in which a ground staff was seen falling off from an Airbus preparing for departure after the step ladder was removed without warning. 

The TransNusa Airline employee, who reportedly survived the fall, landed on the runway after plunging from the front door of the aircraft located several feet above the ground. As the unnamed crew was about to leave the Airbus A 320 when his colleagues detached and removed the stepladder. The viral video showed the man who fell was engaged in a conversation with someone as he deboarded the plane. His attention was divided between the interaction and his action and he failed to notice the ladder being removed.


His colleagues on the ground too, were unaware of the man's intention to step out. With no ladder to step on, the staffer fell on his back on the tarmac, letting the sheets of paper he held fly, the video showed. Shocked onlookers could be heard shouting to alert his colleagues, who were seen rushing to his aid as soon as realised what had just happened.

The TransNusa Airline employee suffered multiple injuries in the incident, none of which were life-threatening, The Sun said in a report. Jakarta airport authorities told the media that the incident is being investigated and steps will be taken to avoid similar accidents in the future. Aviation regulations prohibit the removal of the stepladder as long as the aircraft's doors remain open, the report added.

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