Who is Andrew Dudum, the CEO offering jobs to anti-Israel student protesters?

Dudum faced backlash after posting the offer

Andrew Dudum, CEO of HIMS | X Andrew Dudum, CEO of HIMS | X

As the pro-Palestine protest spreads across the campuses in the United States, Andrew Dudum, CEO of HIMS sparks controversy by offering jobs to those raising anti-Israel slogans. 

"Moral courage > College degree,” Dudum wrote on X. 

"If you’re currently protesting against the genocide of the Palestinian people & for your university’s divestment from Israel, keep going. It’s working...There are plenty of companies & CEOs eager to hire you, regardless of university discipline,” he added alongside the HIMS job openings link.

The CEO faced a huge backlash from critics after his tweet about offering jobs to the protesters. Several people slammed his offer and declared that they would be cancelling their HIMS subscriptions and urged others to follow suit.

“If you support Israel, cancel your HIMS subscriptions immediately. You can get similar products elsewhere for cheaper anyway,” wrote conservative writer Ben Domenech.

“Translation: $HIMS hires antisemites. If there was ever a sell signal, this is it,” one X user replied.

According to Andrew Dudum, his family resides in Gaza and the West Bank. He founded his hair loss company, HIMS, in 2017.

Dudum had called for a ceasefire amid the ongoing war and slammed the corporates still backing Israel amid the killing of Palestinians. Over 33,000 Palestinians have been killed so far in the war.

Born and raised in San Francisco, Dudum was expelled from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School.

On Thursday, over 2,000 pro-Palestine protesters were arrested from US college campuses including the University of California, Los Angeles. US Police have even used riot gear and flash-bang tolls to remove students from tent encampments and occupied buildings.

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