Gaza war: World Central Kitchen to resume aid supply after staff deaths in Israeli airstrike

They will start operations from Monday

WCK aid supply Gaza war (File) A view of the destroyed roof of a vehicle where employees from the World Central Kitchen (WCK), including foreigners, were killed in an Israeli airstrike | Reuters

The World Central Kitchen (WCK) on Sunday announced that it would resume operations in the Gaza Strip from Monday onwards. The aid supply was suspended after seven of its staff were killed in an Israeli airstrike last month. 

The WCK had distributed over 43 million meals in Gaza since October before halting the aid supply. The charity said it had 276 trucks with the equivalent of

almost 8 million meals ready to enter through the Rafah Crossing. They are also planning to send trucks into Gaza from Jordan as well. 

"The humanitarian situation in Gaza remains dire," said the charity's chief executive officer Erin Gore. "We are restarting our operation with the same energy, dignity, and focus on feeding as many people as possible," she was quoted by Reuters.

The airstrike that occurred on April 1 triggered widespread condemnation and demanded Israel for an explanation. 

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the strike by the Israeli forces was "unintentional". He described it as “a tragic case of our forces unintentionally hitting innocent people in the Gaza Strip.”

The food charity founded by celebrity chef Jos Andrs said that those killed include citizens of Australia, Poland, the United Kingdom and a US-Canada dual citizen. 

Countries including, Poland, Australia and the United Kingdom sought an explanation and demanded an investigation into the incident. 

Israel's investigation found serious errors and breaches of procedures by its military. It dismissed two senior officers following the incident. However, WCK is demanding an independent investigation. 


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