Why Texas police shot dead 'bipolar' Indian-origin Sachin Sahoo? Details we know so far

San Antonio cops wanted to arrest Sahoo who had purposefully run over his roommate

Sachin Sahoo was shot dead by the police in US after he injured two officers with his vehicle Sachin Sahoo was shot dead by the police in US after he injured two officers with his vehicle | Twitter

A 42-year-old Indian-origin man was fatally shot by the police in San Antonio in the US state of Texas on April 21 Sunday. Sachin Sahoo, hailing from Uttar Pradesh but a legal United States citizen, was shot by an officer who saw the former hitting two of his colleagues with a vehicle in an effort to flee. 

The police officers had arrived with a warrant to arrest Sahoo after it was alleged that he tried to run over a 51-year-old woman on purpose, severely injuring her. While the woman needed multiple surgeries, reports claimed that Sachin Sahoo suffered from bipolar disorder. 

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Here is everything that is known so far about the police firing that led to the death of the Indian-origin man in the US:

  • On the evening of April 21, cops were called to a home in  San Antonio's Cheviot Height. The first responders learnt that Sahoo was deliberately hit a middle-aged woman with his vehicle. The victim, his roommate, was taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition and a felony arrest warrant for Sahoo who fled from the spot soon after committing the offence.
  • However, Sahoo returned to Cheviot Height later that night and was spotted by neighbors. A police unit reached the spot after being alerted and confronted the man.  When the officers tried to contact him, he struck two of them with his vehicle, reports said. Meanwhile, an officer opened fire at Sahoo, who was "pronounced deceased on scene." While one of the policemen was rushed to the nearby hospital, the other was okay to carry on after being treat at the scene, reports added.
  • Sachin Sahoo reportedly intended to drive past the two police cars blocking his way and ended up hitting the officers. The bodycam footage of the officer who gunned him down is yet to be checked, media reports said. The officer only meant to stop Sahoo from proceeding further.
  • According to reports Sachin Sahoo was a divorcee . His ex-wife said that the man had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and exhibited symptoms of schizophrenia. She only had nice things to say about him. She told media that the late man was a great father who provided for their family for many years while she stayed back home.

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