Japan: Why is Mount Fuji's iconic view getting blocked for tourists?

A big black barrier is to be erected to block the perfect view

Japan mount fuji view blocked (File) A tourist posing in front of a convenience store with Mount Fuji in the background, in the town of Fujikawaguchiko, Yamanashi prefecture | AFP

Authorities are set to block access to one of Japan's iconic Mount Fuji photo spots due to the misbehaviour of tourists. 

A big black barrier is to be erected to block the perfect views of Mount Fuji in Fujikawaguchiko town. 

The residents of Fujikawaguchiko accuse mainly foreign tourists of dropping rubbish and parking illegally as they search for the perfect photo. Despite erecting boards and signs, there was no respite to the overcrowding in the region.

Construction of the mesh net which will be 2.5m (8ft) and 20m (65.6ft) - or the same length as a cricket pitch- will begin as early as next week, the official told AFP.

"It's regrettable we have to do this, because of some tourists who can't respect rules, leaving litter behind and ignoring traffic regulations," the official told AFP.

Fujikawaguchiko town gained much attention on social media, attracting many visitors, especially from other countries. 

However, the influx of tourists had led to overcrowding, with some even trespassing onto nearby properties for better views. 

According to officials, the congestion on the route up Japan's highest mountain was leading to increasing injuries and rubbish littering the trail as well. 

The number of people hiking up the Yoshida Trail will also be capped at 4,000 people a day. They will also not be allowed to set off between 16:00 and 02:00 - part of a bid to stop so-called "bullet climbs" when people try to scale the 3,776-metre (12,388-foot) summit without breaks.


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