US: Who are the 12 jurors in Donald Trump's hush money trial?

Prosecutors to make the opening statements on Monday

US hush money trial Former US President Donald Trump | Reuters

The prosecutors are set to present opening statements on the criminal case in the historic hush money trial, in which former United States president Donald Trump is accused, on Monday. A 12-person jury in Manhattan will hear the statements from prosecutors and defence lawyers in the first of the four criminal cases against Trump. 

However, the judge, overseeing the case has limited the information that the media can report about the selected jurors. The 12 jurors are selected from various sectors to ensure a fair trial.

Here are the details of the 12 jurors in the panel: 

Juror 1: From Ireland, the first juror lives in West Harlem and has worked in sales for 28 years. 

Juror 2: An investment banker who lives with a spouse in Hells Kitchen in Midtown Manhattan. Juror 2 has a master's degree in business administration and gets most of their news from the social media platform X.

Juror 3: Juror 3 is one of two corporate lawyers on the panel. They live in the upscale Chelsea neighbourhood but are originally from Oregon. However, they are not familiar with the other cases against Trump and do not follow the news closely. 

Juror 4: A California native who lives in the West Village with a spouse and three children. Juror 4 has worked as a security engineer for the past 25 years. They have a high school degree and attended college. 

Juror 5: Juror 5 is a self-identified person of colour and a lifelong New Yorker who lives in Harlem. They have a master's degree in education and have been an English teacher for the past eight years. 

Juror 6: Another New York City native, Juror 6 has a bachelor's degree and works as a software engineer for a large media and entertainment company. 

Juror 7: Juror 7 is an attorney for a large corporate law firm who is originally from North Carolina but has lived in the Upper East Side for 12 years. They have a bachelor's degree in business and a law degree. 

Juror 8: Originally from Lebanon, Juror 8 has lived in the Upper East Side since 1980. The juror is retired but had earlier worked as a wealth manager for a major financial firm and still consults with some clients.

Juror 9: Juror 9 has lived on the Upper East Side for three years but grew up in New Jersey. They have a bachelor's degree and a master's degree. They have also worked as a speech therapist for five years.

Juror 10: An Ohio native who has lived in the Murray Hill neighbourhood for six years, Juror 10 works for an eyewear company and lives with an accountant.

Juror 11: Juror 11 has lived in upper Manhattan for 15 years but is originally from California. They have worked as a product development manager for a multinational apparel company for 20 years. 

Juror 12: Juror 12 has lived on the Upper East Side for nearly three years and previously lived in Minnesota and several other states. They have a bachelor's degree and a doctorate in physical therapy and have worked as a physical therapist for 15 years.

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