The longest held American hostage Terry Anderson dies at 76

He was abducted on the eve of March 16, 1985 by the Hezbollah group

terry_anderson Terry Anderson | Reuters

Journalist Terry Anderson, the longest-held American hostage by Lebanon troops dies at the age of 76. He breathed his last breath at Greenwood Lake, New York on Sunday. His daughter Sulome Anderson commented saying “Though my father’s life was marked by extreme sufferings during his time as a hostage in captivity, he found a quiet, comfortable peace in recent years. I know he would choose to be remembered not by his very worst experience, but through his humanitarian work with the Vietnam Children's Fund, the Committee to Protect Journalists, homeless veterans, and many other incredible causes," AP reported.

Attaining numerous titles throughout his life from being a combat correspondent to a staff sergeant, he discovered his love for journalism after serving in the Marines for quite some time. He later came back to the United States and finished his degree in Journalism from Iowa State University. He later worked for The Associated Press. His profession made him noticeable and stand out as a journalist with a Western identity that triggered strife in the eyes of Hezbollah, the Shia Islamist party. 

In 1985, he was identified as one of the several other Westerners held by the Hezbollah group. 

He was abducted on the eve of March 16, 1985, after he left from playing tennis. Later the jihad group took responsibility for the ordeal claiming that it was for “Continuing operations against Americans”. 

During his captivity, he was influential, as he taught sign language to his inmates and engaged in quick and witty remarks which made him a man of appreciable character. He was diagnosed with PTSD during his time as a hostage. 

He later published a memoir titled 'Den of Lions' which records his days of captivity in Lebanon, which garnered him attention. 

During his time of imprisonment, his sister Peggy Say fought for his freedom later passed away in 2015. 

His daughter after his death commented, “He never liked to be called a ‘hero, but that’s what everyone persisted in calling him”. 

He recently had heart surgery, but the reason for his demise is unknown. 

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