Gaza war: In Rafa, doctors save baby from womb of mother killed in Israeli strike

The baby was taken from the womb of her dead mother through an emergency C-section

Sabreen Al-Sakani's baby in an incubator in Rafa Sabreen Al-Sakani's baby in an incubator in Rafa | Reuters

A baby girl survived inside her mother's body although her parents and sibling perished in an Israeli attack in Gaza's Rafa, Palestinian health officials said. The infant was taken out from the womb of her dead mother through an emergency C-section, they added.

The late woman, identified as Sabreen Al-Sakani, was 30 weeks pregnant when she breathed her last. The baby reportedly is placed in an incubator at a Rafah hospital and is likely to spend the next three to four weeks at the health facility. Elaborating on the health condition of the baby, a doctor claimed that she weighed 1.4 kg and was in a stable state. Her condition is gradually improving over time, the doctors told the media.

"After that (three to four weeks) we will see about her leaving, and where this child will go, to the family, to the aunt or uncle or grandparents. Here is the biggest tragedy. Even if this child survives, she was born an orphan," a doctor was quoted as saying about the girl.

The elder sibling of the girl was identified as Malak. According to a relative Malak wished to name her baby sister Rouh, which means spirit in Arabic.

The parents of the baby girl were among the 19 victims of the latest IDF attacks in Iraq. Among the 19 victims, 13 were children from the same family who resided in two adjacent houses that were hit by Israel, Reuters said in a report.

Isreal-Gaza war

Palestinian health authorities say more than 34,000 people have been killed in Israel's assault, which began after Hamas fighters attacked Israel on Oct. 7, killing some 1,200 people and abducting another 253, according to Israeli tallies.

The Palestinian health ministry said on Sunday that Israeli military strikes killed 48 Palestinians and wounded 79 others across the Gaza Strip in the past 24 hours. 

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