Denmark’s Billund airport shut after bomb threat; one arrested

The airport is the second-largest aviation hub in the country

Denmark airport shut after bomb threat Representative Image | AP

Denmark police authorities arrested a man on Saturday in connection with a bomb threat at Billund Airport. Following the threat, the police had evacuated and shut down the airport, the country's second-largest aviation hub. 

"The evacuation has proceeded calmly and as expected, with travellers following our instructions," police inspector Michael Weiss said in a statement.

Police received the alert of the threat by around 10: 30 am.

The airport closure disrupted numerous flights, including those bound for Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Barcelona, as per AFP. 

"Right now we are conducting an investigation where we are questioning the arrested man... there is a lot of investigative work and a lot of technical work... we need to investigate whether it is serious or something that was said in jest," said Weiss. 

The police have not yet revealed the nationality of the detained man. Bomb disposal teams and officials are actively investigating the threat. 


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