Germany arrests two for allegedly spying for Russia

They were accused of plotting sabotage attacks to undermine Ukraine aid

Germany arrests Russians for spying Soldiers from Homeland Security Regiment 3 stand next to a Patriot anti-aircraft missile system during the National Guardian exercise at the tank training school on the Munster military training area, Germany | AP

Two German-Russian nationals have been arrested in Germany for allegedly plotting sabotage attacks, including on US military facilities, to ruin military support for Ukraine. 

The accused were identified as Dieter S., and Alexander J. Authorities have searched the homes and workplaces of the two suspects accused of working for a foreign secret service. 

According to prosecutors, Dieter discussed possible plots with a person linked to the Russian secret service since October 2023. Germany is one of Kyiv's biggest military aid suppliers since Russia launched a full-scale war in 2022. 

"Our security authorities have prevented possible explosive attacks that were intended to target and undermine our military assistance to Ukraine," Interior Minister Nancy Faeser said.

"It is a particularly serious case of alleged spy activity for Putin's criminal regime," she added. 

Dieter had been prepared to carry out bomb and arson attacks on military facilities, including those operated by US forces, alleged prosecutors. 

Meanwhile, the Kremlin said it had no information about the arrests and the Russian embassy in Berlin said it had not been officially notified. 

Dieter was identified as a fighter for Russian-backed forces in eastern Ukraine from December 2014 to September 2016. While, Alexander, 37, is suspected of supporting Dieter S from March 2024. 

"We will continue to provide massive support to Ukraine and will not allow ourselves to be intimidated," Faeser said.

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