Briton born the same year the Titanic sank, is the oldest living man at 111

Tinniswood advised on moderation in life

Britain Oldest Man

British national John Alfred Tinniswood, is the world's oldest living man at 111. Tinniswood was born in 1912, the same year the Titanic sank. Tinniswood, who doesn't smoke and rarely drinks, was born in Liverpool.

His staple every Friday has been fish and chips. He has lived through two world wars; the Great Influenza and the Covid-19 pandemics. He also holds the record for the world’s oldest surviving male World War II veteran. 

Tinniswood advised on moderation in life. “If you drink too much or you eat too much or you walk too much; if you do too much of anything, you’re going to suffer eventually,” he said, CNN reported.

The former title holder Juan Vicente Pérez, passed away on April 2, at the age of 114, a month shy of his 115th birthday. Tinniswood, a great-grandfather, now resides in a care home in Southport. He has been a lifelong fan of the Liverpool football club.

He likes reading the newspaper and listening to the radio, Katie Howard, manager of the care home told BBC. Maria Branyas Morera, at 117, is the oldest living woman. She lives in Spain.

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