Russia, Myanmar plan over 50 joint military activities

Russia, in September 2023, sent two Russian Su-30 fighter jets to Myanmar


Russia and Myanmar's armed forces are planning more than 50 joint military activities, Russian state news agency RIA Novosti reported on Thursday, citing the Russian Defence Ministry. The activities will include operational and combat training of armed forces. 

The Kremlin recently blamed the US, UK and Ukraine for a jihadist attack in Moscow at the Crocus City Hall concert complex, which killed 139 people. Four armed men burst into the venue and started shooting before setting the building on fire. 

Russia, in September 2023, sent two Russian Su-30 fighter jets to Myanmar. A contract for the delivery of six Su-30SME fighter jets was signed between the two countries in 2022. At the time, the US had warned that Russia supporting Myanmar's military rulers to strengthen its armoury was unacceptable and destabilising. 

In the meanwhile, as tension increases in the South Asian country, one of its neighbours, India is set to spend $3.7 billion to fence the Myanmar border, pending approval by the cabinet.

As per a Reuters report, New Delhi seeks to shut the 1,610-km border to prevent smuggling and other illegal activities. The Indian government said they would also end a decades-old visa-free movement policy with Myanmar for border citizens. And that the fencing is to ensure national security and maintain the demographic structure of its northeastern region.

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