Hungary summons US envoy over Biden's 'dictatorship' comments

PM Orban had recently met Trump and extended his support openly ahead of US elections

Orban Trump meet Hungary PM Viktor Orban | AP

US ambassador was summoned by Hungary to protest over remarks by President Joe Biden made against Prime Minister Viktor Orban. At a campaign, Biden had said Orban was seeking dictatorship. 

Recently, Orban's meeting with former US president Donald Trump at his residence in Florida had raised many eyebrows. 

A statement was issued by the US Embassy after the envoy was summoned. The US spokesperson in the statement said, "Ambassador (David) Pressman always welcomes the opportunity to discuss the state of Hungary's democracy with our ally."

As the US elections are nearing, Orban had openly extended his support to Trump amid Hungary's close ties with Moscow. In many instances, Orban had refused to send weapons to Ukraine. He had locked horns with European Union members as well regarding the supply of weapons. 

While talking to the media after his meeting in Florida, Orban said that the US would not “spend a penny on Ukraine if Trump elected to power”. He also added that Trump had a “detailed plan” regarding ending the Russia-Ukraine war. 

After the Florida meeting, Biden said during a campaign stop that Orban "stated flatly he doesn't think democracy works and is looking for dictatorship", US media outlets reported. 

Meanwhile, Hungary's foreign minister called Biden's statement a lie and a "very serious insult"."This way of thinking by the president and the Democratic

administration is a heavy burden on our bilateral relationship," said Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto during a press conference.

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