French farmers storm into Paris agriculture fair ahead of Macron’s visit

Macron held talks with farmers union leaders on Saturday

French farmers protest Farmers clash with members of the French police as they protest inside the Porte de Versailles exhibition centre on the day of French President Emmanuel Macron's visit to the International Agriculture Fair, France | Reuters

A group of angry French farmers on Saturday stormed into a Paris farmers' fair ahead of President Emmanual Macron's visit. With dozens of police officers inside, the farmers booed, and called for Macron's resignation.

"This is our home!", they shouted along with slogans of resignation.

Macron was set to talk with the farmers, food processors and retailers at the fair after the meeting with the farmers union heads.

"I’m saying this for all farmers: you’re not helping any of your colleagues by smashing up stands, you’re not helping any of your colleagues by making the show impossible, and in a way scaring families away from coming," Macron told reporters after the meet with farmer union leaders.

Earlier this month, French farmers largely suspended protests that included blocking highways and dumping manure in front of public buildings after PM Gabriel Attal promised new measures worth 400 million euros. However, protests resumed this week to pressurize the government in providing more help and delivering its promises.

Meanwhile, amid protests, France has set aside 5 million euros to help its beekeepers. French beekeepers are suffering from a buildup of stocks, foreign competition, production losses linked to climate change, and the invasive Asian hornet, an insect that can eat through an entire hive in a few hours, the ministry said in a statement.

France is one of the largest producers of honey in the European Union.

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