Israel’s post-war plan for Gaza: Key highlights of proposal presented by Netanyahu

The plan was presented to Israel’s security cabinet

Israel Gaza post war plan (File) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu | Reuters

As Israel prepares for intensified Rafah offensive, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented his first official 'post-war' plan for the Gaza Strip. The plan was presented to the members of the Israel’s security cabinet on Thursday for discussion. Since the Israel-Hamas war broke out on October 7, Israel has vowed to eliminate Hamas leaders to bring peace to the nation.

Key highlights of the proposed plan:

1. According to the plan, Israel will have the full security control over all Palestinian areas and make reconstruction of the enclave dependent on its demilitarisation.

2. In the long-term goals listed, Netanyahu rejects the "unilateral recognition" of a Palestinian state, reported Reuters.

3. The document proposes Israel would maintain security control over all of west Jordan, including the occupied West Bank and Gaza.

4. A settlement with the Palestinians will only be achieved through direct negotiations between the two sides, said Netanyahu.

5. Netanyahu also proposed Israel to have a presence on the Gaza-Egypt border in the south of Gaza and cooperate with Egypt and the United States in that area, including Rafah crossing, to prevent smuggling attempts. Rafah crossing is the only point of exit between Egypt and Gaza Strip.

6. Israel PM also called for shutting down of the UN Palestinian Refugees agency UNRWA and replacing it with other international aid groups.

A statement from the PM’s office said that "The prime minister's document of principles reflects broad public consensus over the goals of the war and for replacing Hamas rule in Gaza with a civilian alternative.” 

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