Irked by Philippines congratulating Taiwan’s Lai, China says don’t play with fire

Taiwan’s president-elect, Lai is detested by Beijing

Philippines China Taiwan relations Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr | Reuters

After President Ferdinand Marcos Jr's congratulatory message to Taiwan's new president-elect, Lai Ching-te, China came out with a strong warning to the Philippines.

“We would like to sternly tell the Philippines not to play with fire on the Taiwan issue,” Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning told reporters. Mao also added that his remarks seriously violated the political commitments made by the Philippines to China and rudely interfered in China's internal affairs.

“Immediately stop making wrong words and deeds on Taiwan-related issues, and stop sending any wrong signals to Taiwan independence and separatist forces,” Mao said.

An explanation was sought from Philippines by China over the recent remarks. Assistant Foreign Affairs Minister Nong Rong summoned the Philippine Ambassador to China Tuesday morning and made solemn representations, reported The Associated Press.

On Monday, Marcos Jr congratulated Taiwan's president-elect in a statement, which was posted in the social media. Philippines president said he was looking forward to close collaboration and strengthening mutual interests.

Taiwan’s new president-elect, Lai is detested by Beijing as he stands for the independent stature of country. Lai has pledged to safeguard the island's de-facto independence from China and further align it with other democracies.

On behalf of the Filipino people, I congratulate President-elect Lai Ching-te on his election as Taiwan's next president, Marcos wrote on X.

After US congratulated Lai, China's foreign ministry said that Blinken's message sends a gravely wrong signal to the Taiwan independence' separatist forces.

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