Maldives government website down after suspected cyber attack; hackers claim to be Indians

The Juvenile Court of the Maldives was hacked by 'TeaM NETWORK9' on Wednesday

Untitled design - 1 President Mohamed Muizzu. (Right) The statement put up by hackers

Two days after hackers targeted the official websites of the Maldivian President’s Office, Foreign Ministry and Tourism Ministry, the web platform of the Juvenile Court of the Maldives too has apparently come under cyber attack on Wednesday.

The website, which is no longer available, earlier showed a message from a group of hackers TeaM NETWORK9, claiming to be Indians.

"We are Bharatiya hackers," read the statement posted on the website. It also warned that that the site has been hacked "in response to the recent inflammatory and offensive statements made by certain members of your government". 

"The illiterate and rascist remarks from figures like Malsha, Hassan Zihan and Mariyum Shiuna are not only shameful but also detrimental to the diplomatic relationship between our nations," said the post, adding that Maldives has received historical assistance and support from India. 

They also warned of actions that could "severly impact your cyber space" if the Maldives did not "cease this provocation immediately and reflect on the potential consequences." 

The message included hashtags #ExploreIndianIsland and #Lakshadweep. The group also thanked several other hacker outfits.

This comes as the Maldivian government's websites went down for hours on January 7, which authorities attributed to "technical issues".  The sites  were restored later.

"Please note that the President's Office website is currently facing an unexpected technical disruption. NCIT and other relevant entities are actively working on resolving this promptly. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your understanding and patience,"Maldives President's office posted on X on January 7.


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