After historic win, Hasina calls India great friend, vows to create smart Bangladesh

Focus in the next five years will be on economic progress, she says

Bangladesh elections Hasina victory Sheikh Hasina, the newly elected Prime Minister of Bangladesh speaks during a meeting with foreign observers and journalists at the Prime Minister's residence in Dhaka, Bangladesh | Reuters

After gaining a landslide victory in the Bangladesh elections, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday stressed on her aim to maintain good relations with every country.

Hasina has called India as a “great friend”, while speaking to the media at The Ganabhaban, the official residence of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh

With the main opposition BNP boycotting, the elections were relatively one-sided, with low voter turnout as well. Only 41.8 percent voter turnout was recorded for Sunday polls.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi called Hasina over phone and congratulated over her win in the general elections.

While referring to the incidents in 1975, Hasina said that "India is a great friend of Bangladesh. They have supported us in 1971 and also in 1975. They gave shelter to me and my sister and my other family members.”

Back in 1975, Shiekh Mujibur Rahman, his wife and their three sons were assassinated in their home by military officers. Rahman's two daughters--Hasina and Rehana--survived as they were abroad at that time. During the period of exile, Hasina stayed in India for six years.

"I have a good relationship with every country because that is our motto," she said.

Bangladesh has good diplomatic ties with its neighbours China and India. She is credited for skilfully negotiating the interest of both the countries.

Though Hasina said that she has good relations with President Joe Biden, US called for credible and inclusive polls, while India said elections are “internal matter”.

She said that the main focus of her government in the next five years will be on economic progress.

She said she tries to work for her people. "With motherly affection, I look after my people who gave me this opportunity. Time and again people have voted for me, and that is why I am here," she added.

While referring to the polls, she said the "election was free and fair". "If any party does not participate in the election, it does not mean there is no democracy," she added.

Hasina said her new government's mission would be to develop a smart Bangladesh.

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