Regional tensions rise amid Gaza war; Israeli strikes intensify along Lebanon border

An airstrike in central Baghdad killed an Iran-backed militia leader

Israel Hamas war Israel troops along the Lebanon border | AFP

With southern Gaza almost ripped apart, Israeli troops has intensified its attacks along the Lebanon border. Hezbollah claimed that its four fighters were killed in southern Lebanon in Israeli strikes on the border town of Naqura.

Lebanon's official national news agency said Israeli aircraft "carried out raids on the centre of Naqura, which destroyed a home and damaged surrounding houses”.

On Wednesday, Hezbollah announced the deaths of five other fighters in southern Lebanon.

Amid Israel-Gaza tensions, an airstrike in central Baghdad killed an Iran-backed militia leader. The Popular Mobilization Force's deputy head of operations, Mushtaq Taleb al-Saidi, or “Abu Taqwa”, had been killed “as a result of brutal American aggression.”

The PM's office in Iraq said that the US-led international coalition bore responsibility for an "unjustified" attack on an Iraqi security force.

The strike had killed two people and wounded five, reported AP.

Meanwhile, US has claimed it carried out strike in Baghdad. The US military has carried out a strike in Baghdad against an Iraqi militia leader it blames for attacks against US forces in the country, killing him and another person, a US official told Reuters.

Israel has accused the UN of "stalling" the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.

“You can’t keep avoiding the facts: There is no collective punishment. Two crossings are open. You said you can transfer 200 trucks a day in Kerem Shalom, yet you’re not scraping 100. Over the last 80 days, we’ve adjusted ourselves, all you’ve been doing is stalling," said in the post.

Tensions across the region are increasing with violence in recent days in Gaza, the occupied West Bank, northern Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, the Red Sea and Iraq.

Israel detains 'at least 120 people' in the Nur Shams refugee camp in occupied West Bank. Israeli forces searched houses in the Nur Shams refugee camp in the occupied West Bank city of Tulkarem on Thursday, detaining hundreds of people suspected of militant activities, its military said.

“IDF forces continue to operate, alongside other Israeli security forces, in a broad divisional operation to suppress terrorism in the Nour al-Shams refugee camp in Menashe,” said the military in a statement.

A total of 22,438 Palestinians have been killed and 57,614 have been wounded in Israeli strikes on Gaza since October 7, Gaza health ministry spokesman Ashraf Al-Qudra said in a statement.

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