Metro trains collide in Beijing: 5 points as over hundred left with broken bones

Passengers suffered fractures, eye and head injuries

china train collision - ap Police officers watch over near the site of train collision on the western district in Beijing | AP

Reports of a shocking metro train collision have appeared from the Chinese capital of Beijing on Thursday. According to reports, over 500 people were injured in the tragedy reportedly caused by inclement weather. Here is what we know so far about the metro train collision in Beijing:

1. The incident: As many as 515 people needed medical attention and were shifted to hospital, media reports said. The injured included 102 people who suffered broken bones following the mishap.

2. No casualties: No loss of life was reported during the time of compiling this report.

3. The location: The collision reportedly happened in Beijing Metro's Changping line that connects the city's mountainous region. It was on the above-ground portion the accident reportedly occured. The Beijing Metro is one of the world's busiest metro rail, with 27 lines carrying about 13 million passengers.

4. How did the metro trains collide : According to a statement by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport, slippery tracks caused the accident.  Beijing witnessed heavy snowing, prompting one of the trains involved in the accident to use the emergency break. 

Meanwhile, the other train "following from a downhill section, slid and failed to brake effectively, resulting in a collision."

5. Horrific sight: Videos posted on social media showed people moaning due to pain caused by injuries while others attempted to exit through the mangled remains of the metro trains. One passenger told The Economic Observer newspaper that he felt a sudden jolt before the lights in the carriage went out. Some people had fallen over, and glass panes were broken, the commuter said.

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