Canada gang war: Indian-origin man, son shot dead by organised crime in Edmonton

Harpreet Singh Uppal, 41, was a "higher-level figure" in the Canadian organised crime

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An Indian-origin man and his 11-year-old son were shot dead in Canada on Thursday, police said. The murders that shocked the Canadian city of Edmonton are related to the activities of organised crime in the city, reports said as the man was associated with one of the city's prominent gangs. He was charged in multiple cases including drug trafficking and firearm possession, news reports claimed.

Here is what we know so far about the murder of father and son in Canada:


.Harpreet Singh Uppal, 41, was described "higher-level figure" in the organised crime scene in Canada. Uppal was gunned down along with his son outside a gas station Thursday afternoon, the Edmonton Police said on Friday.

2. A friend of the slain boy (whose name remains undisclosed), who was accompanying the victims in the car, escaped unhurt.

3. The boy's murder was not accidental, the investigators have said. Though it was unclear if the shooters knew of the kids's presence in the car when they started tailing Uppal's car, they intentionally fired at the boy.


4. As of Friday morning, police had made no arrests. The vehicle believed to be used by the suspects  -- a stolen 2012 BMW X6 -- was located on fire north of Beaumont. 


5. According to media reports, Harpreet Singh Uppal was a prominent Brothers Keepers (BK) associate and the murders are believed to be part of a war between the UN gang and the BK.

6. Uppal was facing charges related to cocaine possession and trafficking, as well as illegal possession of body armour. He was also charged with assault with a weapon and unauthorised possession of a firearm, PTI reported quoting Canadian media.

7. Edmonton, like other metropolitan areas across Canada, is grappling with an increase in shootings and gang-related crimes. 


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