Rare catch fetches Pak fisherman 70 million rupees near Karachi harbour

70 million Pakistani rupees! Even in the wildest dreams, the amount is too big

fish vendor Image of a fish vendor in Pakistan used for representation | AFP

70 million Pakistani rupees! Even in the wildest dreams, the amount is too big for any fishing crew in Pakistan to think about. But Haji Baloch and crew made exactly that much money in a single night at the sky, if reports are to be trusted.

When Haji Baloch set out to the sea from the Karachi harbour on Monday, he had little idea that he is going to make a fortune that was gonna probably be more than the total fish trade the harbour witnesses on a regular day. 

Good luck came swimming towards Haji's boat in the form of a school of rare 'Sowa', which is also known as the golden fish. The Sowa fish is priceless as substances from its belly are said to have great healing and medicinal properties, news agency PTI reported. A thread-like substance extracted from the fish is used in surgical procedures, the report added.

"We were fishing in the open sea of Karachi...when we came across this huge cache of golden fish, and it was a windfall for us, Haji Baloch told the press. 

The crew wasted no time catching the fish and got back to the harbour at the earliest. On Friday, Karachi harbour witnessed a rare auctioning of the golden fish as Baloch earned 70 million Pakistani rupees, fisherfolk who witnessed the event with amusement told the press. 

One fish fetches around 7 million rupees in the auction, Baloch said. His boat crew was lucky enough to catch a handful that helped them earn the hefty sum. 

What is 'Sowa' fish and why are they special?

Sowas, which often weighs between 20 to 40 kgs and can grow up to 1.5 meters, is much sought after in East Asian countries. The ocean creature also holds cultural and traditional significance, finding its use in traditional medicines and local cuisine, PTI explained. 

The fish arrives near the coast only during the breeding season.

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