France's Macron in Israel, proposes using international coalition to fight Hamas

No one would live 'under Hamas tyranny', says Netanyahu

Macron-in-Israel-reuters Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and French President Emmanuel Macron embrace at a joint press conference, amid the Israeli-Hamas conflict, in Jerusalem | Reuters

Standing with Israel in its battle against Hamas in Gaza, French President Emmanuel Macron visited Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and held talks with him over the conflict situation on Tuesday. France reiterated its support to Israel and proposed the existing international coalition fighting against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria could be widened to also fight against Hamas.

"France is ready for the international coalition against Daesh in which we are taking part for operations in Iraq and Syria to also fight against Hamas," said Macron in Jerusalem.

Speaking alongside French President Emmanual Macron, Netanyahu warned that the war might take time. The Israeli military will destroy Hamas during the on-going war in Gaza Strip, Netanyahu said adding that after the conflict no one would live "under Hamas tyranny".

France and Israel share terrorism as their "common enemy". Therefore, Israel is not ‘alone’ in this fight, said Macron.

Earlier, Macron told President Isaac Herzog that France would not leave Israel isolated in its fight against Islamic militants. Macron also warned against the risks of a regional conflict.

Netanyahu said “everyone will be in danger” if Hamas wins. “We must have a decisive victory against Hamas,” he added. Netanyahu stressed the battle is for the heart and soul of the Middle East and the Arab world.

He had also warned Hezbollah of "horrible consequences", if Lebanon decided to join the war.

In the case of the hostage situation, Macron said Israel and France shares the same grief and called for the release of all hostages held by Hamas.

“Terrorism must be fought without mercy, but with rules,” he said.

Hamas on Monday freed two Israeli women hostages amid the airstrikes. IDF had claimed Hamas is holding around 200 hostages in Gaza.

Over 5,700 Palestinians were killed so far since the Hamas attack on October 7.

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