Amid Israel-Gaza war, world leaders meet in Cairo to chalk out peace roadmap

Around 20 world leaders are taking part in the meeting hosted by Egypt

Israel-Gaza-war-peace-summit-in-Cairo-reuters Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi poses for a family photo with other leaders before the Cairo international summit for peace in the Middle East in the New Administrative Capital (NAC), east of Cairo | Reuters

Amid Israel-Hamas war, world leaders and several heads of Arab regions take part in the Cairo summit called by Egypt to revive the path of peace and set a roadmap to end the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

World leaders from various countries including Italy, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait, Palestine and South Africa took part in the summit. The summit is being held in Egypt as Israel prepares for ground assault in Gaza.

While speaking at the summit, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas said “we won't leave, we will remain on our land”.

While, Iraq Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani said the Palestinian people are "facing genocide" and being targeted in hospitals. “It's a war crime on full scale...forcing a siege on the rest of the living,” he said. Iraq is establishing

Iraq is calling, he says, for “lifting the siege fully on the Gaza strip” and establishing a fund for the reconstruction of Gaza.

“Gaza today is a test, a new test for the new world order that have failed over and over and over in applying what they called for” in justice and freedom, he added.

“Hasn’t the time come yet to put an end to this occupation?” said Sudani.

Sudani called for an immediate ceasefire and said the Palestinians has no place to go leaving their land.

United States Secretary General Antonio Guterres called for immediate humanitarian ceasefire. He said the time has come "to end this...awful nightmare...I appeal for a humanitarian ceasefire now."

The Geneva conventions must be upheld, he added. "The time has come for an action," said Guterres.

Speaking at the summit, Jordan’s King Abdullah criticised the forced displacement of Palestinians from their lands. Abdullah pointed out that “its a war crime”. While, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said no military intervention can replace a viable political solution.

Inorder to put an end to the war, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa called on countries to stop supply of weapons to either side of the Israel-Hamas war. The use of force and bombing of the Gaza Strip by Israel violated international law, Ramaphosa added.

“We hold the firm view that the attack on civilians in Israel, the ongoing siege of Gaza and the decision to forcibly move the people of Gaza, together with the indiscriminate use of force through bombing, are violations of international law,” he said.

According to the Gaza Health Ministry, over 4,200 Palestinians were killed since Hamas attack on October 7. Meanwhile, over 20 trucks carrying humanitarian aid had crossed Rafah border on Saturday. 

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