Israel-Gaza war: Will arrival of US warships worsen conflict?

UN Security Council is set to meet in New York amid attacks

United-states-military-aid-to-israel-ap (File) The USS Gerald R. Ford, one of the world's largest aircraft carriers, arrives in Halifax | AP

In the wake of the Israel-Gaza war escalating, the United States has extended its support to Israel by moving its aircraft carrier, ships and jets closer to eastern Mediterranean. Being a close ally of Israel, US had already said that it will be providing additional military aid to the nation.

US President Joe Biden had termed the Hamas attack as an “appalling assault”. According to authorities, around 1,200 people have been killed, in the ongoing fight, from both sides so far.

US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin said the USS Gerald R Ford aircraft carrier, a missile cruiser and four missile destroyers were heading to the region, reported BBC. Fighter jets would also be sent, added Austin.

The US on Sunday confirmed that several Americans were among those killed in the Hamas attack.

Meanwhile, US’s direct involvement or assistance to Israel could send ‘wrong’ signals to the neighbouring states backing Hamas. The possibility of Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Iran joining the conflict could not be avoided. Though it is a known fact that Iran has been supplying arms and funds to Hamas, they have denied any involvement in the latest attack.

Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi has expressed support for the Hamas attack, saying Israel needed to be held to account for endangering the region.

However, Iran had denied any involvement in the latest attack on Israel at the UN Security Council meeting. Even US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that the US had not seen evidence of direct Iranian involvement.

"Hamas wouldn't be Hamas without the support that it's gotten over many years from Iran. We haven't yet seen direct evidence that Iran was behind this particular attack or involved. But the support over many years is clear," Blinken was quoted by US TV.

Meanwhile, hundreds of people are reported to be missing. Israel's ambassador to the US, Michael Herzog said that there were Americans too among the soldiers and civilians abducted by the militants.

Amid tensions and escalating conflicts, the UN Security Council is set to meet in New York to discuss the situation.

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