Pakistan: Truth about loud 'explosion' heard near nuclear facility in Dera Ghazi Khan revealed

Viral videos on social media showed local residents evacuating from the site

Dera Ghazi Khan blast Local residents gathered on roads in Pakistan's Dera Ghazi Khan on Friday | Twitter

After videos of a loud blast being heard in Pakistan's Punjab province, rumours started making rounds on X platform that the incident took place near a 'nuclear research site'.

Some social media posts even alleged that a Shaheen missile test had gone wrong. However, the local administration has ruled out any such incidents, according to Pakistani media.

The incident occurred in Dera Ghazi Khan district in southwestern Punjab on Friday afternoon. Dera Ghazi Khan houses a uranium exploration facility and  the country's largest nuclear center is also located there.

Reports claimed that the blast was heard as far as 25 km from the city. The district administration ruled out any terrorism links in the so-called explosion and claimed it was a “sonic boom”, reported Pakistan-based Dawn.

Viral videos on social media showed local residents evacuating from the site as rescue personnel reached the area.

In a video uploaded on the Facebook page of Dera Ghazi Khan Times, the district's Commissioner Nasir Mahmood Bashir said the noise was likely caused by the PAF fighter jets "breaking the sound barrier."

Ruling out rumours about bomb explosions, Bashir said, “Concerned departments have said that no such incident took place in DG Khan or adjoining areas.”

Dera Ghazi Khan Commissioner’s spokesperson Mazhar Sheerani also ruled out vandalism, accident or damage, citing government departments and witnesses and revealed that there was no loss of life or property.

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