Amid US funding crisis, Putin says, ‘Ukraine will die in a week without Western aid’

Russia defends action saying, ‘Any independent country would act in this manner’

Vladimir Putin Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers a speech at the 20th Annual Meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club in Sochi, Russia | Reuters

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Ukraine wouldn’t last a week without West’s military and financial aid. Putin’s comments amidst uncertainty regarding US funding for Ukraine.

Putin, addressing a conference at Valdai Discussion Club think tank in Sochi said that Russia has to respond to constantly mounting geopolitical pressure against Russia. Talking about Western aid to Ukraine, Putin said, “If one just stops, it will all die in a week.” Putin added, “The same applies to the defence system. Just imagine the aid stops tomorrow. It will live for only a week when they run out of ammo.”  

Justifying Russia’s war against Ukraine, Putin said, “Any responsible state, any sovereign, independent and self-respecting country would act in this manner,” the TASS reported.

The United States has committed $43 billion in military assistance to Ukraine and the US Congress has approved $113 billion of aid to Ukraine. However, the new short-term budget approved by the Congress to prevent a shutdown does not include Ukraine aid. US President Joe Biden voiced his concerns about disrupting aid to Ukraine and urged Congress to pass funding for Ukraine. 

Josep Borrell, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, during a recent visit to Kyiv, said that the bloc's aid for Ukraine has reached a staggering 85 billion euros, including 25 billion euros in military aid. However, EU clarified that it wouldn’t be able to replace US aid for Ukraine. 

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