Biden trips and falls during US Air Force graduation ceremony

He recovered quickly after the fall

US President Joe Biden President Joe Biden (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

During the graduation ceremony at the United States Air Force Academy in Colarado, President Joe Biden tripped and fell after handing out the last diploma certificate. However he quickly got back up and walked to his seat.

The video of the incident circulating in the social media showed that he caught himself with his hands during the fall onstage and then got up while people helped him.

After getting up, Biden pointed at the sandbag used to hold the teleprompter in place. Later he stood up smiling, and waving 'thumbs up' sign.

Returning to the White House, Biden joked about the incident to reporters saying that he got "sandbagged".

Last year in June, Biden fell as he was dismounting his bicycle but he was uninjured. Though Biden is the oldest person to hold the Oval Office, doctors had declared him healthy and fit for duty after physical examination in February this year.

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