Ukraine shoots down 10 Russian missiles and 25 drones

According to the Ukrainian side, 17 missiles and 31 drones were launched

missile-fight-kiev Explosion of a missile is seen in the sky over the Kiev during a Russian missile strike, amid Russia's attack on Ukraine, in Kiev | Reuters

Ukraine has claimed to have shot down ten Russian missiles and 25 drones in an overnight attack in the cities of Kyiv and Dnipro and eastern regions. 

The Ukrainian air force said it had shot down 10 missiles fired from the Caspian Sea, 23 Iranian-made Shahed drones and two reconnaissance drones, Reuters reported. According to the Ukrainian side, 17 missiles and 31 drones were launched starting at about 10 pm local time on Thursday. The attack continued until the early hours of Friday. Several drones hit targets in Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk. No deaths have been confirmed so far.

“It was a very difficult night," Serhiy Lysak, the Dnipropetrovsk regional governor, said on the Telegram. "It was loud – the enemy launched a mass attack on the region with missiles and drones. Dnipro has suffered.” 

According to Lysak, infrastructures including civilian houses, cars, and companies, including a transport company and a gas station were destroyed. 

US Army Gen. Mark Milley on May 25 said that Russia will not achieve a military victory in Ukraine. He also added that Kyiv won't be able to push Moscow's troops out of their country any time soon. 

Speaking at a virtual meeting of defence leaders from around the world to discuss the ongoing military support for Ukraine, he said providing 10 F-16s could cost $2 billion, including maintenance.

"The Russians have a thousand fourth and fifth-generation fighters, so if you're going to contest Russia in the air, you're going to need a substantial amount of fourth and fifth-generation fighters."  

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