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Leopard 2 tanks from Germany have arrived in Ukraine

The Leopard tanks have been designed to compete with the Russian T-90 tank

Russia Ukraine War A Leopard 2 tank is pictured during a demonstration event held for the media by the German Bundeswehr in Munster near Hannover, Germany, Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2011 | AP

The much-awaited Leopard 2 tanks from Germany have arrived in Ukraine. According to the German defence ministry, the troops were also trained to use the eighteen cutting-edge main battle tanks. Germany Defence Minister Boris Pistorius told the BBC, he was sure the tanks could "make a decisive contribution" on the frontlines of the war. According to reports, the Challenger tanks from the UK have also arrived. Ukraine has been asking for newer and more modern weapons systems to help them fight Russia's invasion.

The Leopard tanks are considered among the best in the West's arsenal. Germany had agreed in January to send the tanks. Three Leopard tanks donated by Portugal have also arrived in Ukraine. Around 2,000 Leopard 2s produced by Nato countries are in use by European countries. A Leopard 2 tank can hold 4 crew members, weighs 67 tonnes and requires 120 mm NATO ammunition.

The Leopard tanks have been designed to compete with the Russian T-90 main battle tank.

Besides the tanks, Ukraine has also sent two specialist tank-recovery vehicles and 40 Marder infantry fighting vehicles. Other countries have pledged tanks to be sent to Ukraine. But, the timeline for delivery of the same isn't clear. 

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