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Indian journalist attacked during pro-Khalistan protest in US

Indian Embassy condemned the attack

Khalistanis attack Lalit Jha, the journalist who got attacked while covering the pro-Khalistan protest in US | Twitter

The Indian Embassy in the United States on Sunday has condemned the incident of a Washington DC-based Indian journalist attacked while covering a pro-Khalistan protest outside the Embassy on Saturday.

Lalit Jha, the journalist who was attacked, thanked the Secret Service for protecting him and helping him do his job. He said that he was hit on his left ear with two sticks by the Khalistan supporters.

"We condemn such grave and unwarranted attack on a senior journalist. Such activities only underscore the violent and anti-social tendencies of the so-called 'Khalistani protesters' and their supporters, who routinely engage in wanton violence and vandalism," the statement from the Indian embassy read.

Jha also shared a video of Khalistan supporters protest on his Twitter handle.

"Thank you @SecretService 4 my protection 2day 4 helping do my job, otherwise I would have been writing this from hospital. The gentleman below hit my left ear with these 2 sticks & earlier I had to call 9/11 & rushed 2 police van 4 safety fearing physical assault," Jha tweeted.

"The pro-Khalistan protesters in support of Amritpal Singh waved Khalistan flags and descended upon the embassy in the presence of the US Secret Service. They even openly threatened to vandalise the embassy and threatened the Indian Ambassador Taranjit Singh Sandhu," Jha told ANI.

The protesters raised anti-India speeches both in English and Punjabi languages and targeted the Punjab Police for alleged human rights violations. The Khalistan supporters gathered outside the Indian Embassy in downtown openly threatened Indian Ambassador to the US, Taranjit Singh Sandhu.

Reportedly most of the protesters were seen trying to incite violence. The Secret service personnel, who were closely monitoring the situation, rushed to the spot and asked the protesters to go back when they tried to break into the embassy property.

Recently, the pro-Khalistanis has attacked the Indian Consulate in San Francisco. Visuals of huge mob smashing the glass doors and windows of the consulate building has gone viral in the social media. They raised pro-Khalistan slogans as they broke through makeshift security barriers placed by the city police.

The United States has strongly condemned the attack on the Indian Consulate in San Francisco terming it as "unacceptable". 

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