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Death machine gets legal clearance in Switzerland

Coffin-like Sarco capsule can be used in assisted suicides

Sarco-suicide-capsule-on-display-Exit-International ‘Sarco’ machine on display | Exit International

A 3D-printed capsule designed for 'peaceful' death in assisted suicides have passed legal scrutiny and can now be used in Switzerland, reports Swiss Info.

‘Sarco’ machine, developed by Exit International, is a coffin-like capsule that can be moved to any place. 

Dr Philip Nitschke, founder of Australia-registered Exit International, spoke to Swiss Info about his innovation. 

The person wishing to die can activate the machine while lying inside comfortably. They will be asked several questions and if they are completely agreeing, they may press the button inside the capsule and activate the mechine as per their wish. 

The system works by reducing the level of oxygen to 1 percent from 21 percent in about 30 seconds. Without adequate oxygen supply at the tissue level and having too much carbon dioxide in the blood, death happens in 5-10 minutes. The person might feel disoriented before losing consciousness. "There is no panic, no choking feeling," Philip Nitschke told Swiss Info. 

In 2020, about 1,300 people died in assisted suicides by ingestion of liquid sodium pentobarbital. The advantage about Sarco machine is that there is need for controlled substances.

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