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Twitterati troll Moschino for selling a ‘baguette bag’ for over Rs 86,000

Moschino, in November, had released a croissant-shaped bag

moschino-bag-twitter via Twitter

The luxury brand Moschino has unveiled a bag that looks like something that has come out of an oven. The bag, shaped like a baguette, is priced at $1,170 (Rs 86,073 approximately). A baguette is a long French bread which is tough and crusty on the outside but is soft and chewy on the inside. The Italian luxury brand’s bread-shaped clutch is a printed faux leather clutch with a gold-plated panel on top that reads, ‘Moschino Made in heaven.” 

Moschino in November released a bag shaped like another French bread—the croissant. It is priced between $892 and $1,200 (Rs 88,294 approximately). 

The Baguette bag made it to social media and Twitterati couldn’t resist taking a jab at the eccentric bag. 

Here’s what one user wrote: ‘The essential fashion accessory for any French teacher. @Moschino’

Subway UK tweeted: Looks a bit plain tbh. At least chuck some Chipotle Southwest Sauce in there @Moschino

Another user tweeted: £758 to look like you’re holding a subway; is this a joke

Yet another user tweeted: @Moschino You may be the upper crust when it comes to fashion & as much as we knead & loaf you, I kneaded to wheat in when we saw our BAGuette design has been recrumbated/pinched. We are in disbeyest by what we saw today. Ours cost £1.20 to bake, please don't baguette about this.

“I decided to treat myself to a new Moschino’s baguette clutch bag; but half-way home got bit hungry,” wrote another user and posted a picture of a baguette she had taken a few bites of.


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