Trump’s ‘I WON THE ELECTION’ tweet sparks memes, imitations

President’s refusal to concede made fun of by netizens


Nearly two weeks since the 2020 US presidential election and Donald Trump remains in a state of denial about the results. While his all-caps proclamations have given some cause for concern, for many others they have—as with so many of the president’s tweets—become fodder for memes.

On Sunday, POTUS tweeted—just a day after giving some hope that by acknowledging Joe Biden’s victory for the first time—“I WON THE ELECTION!”.

Twitter immediately flagged the tweet with the disclaimer “Official sources called the election differently”. And, a host of Twitter users replied to it with their own versions of unsubstantiated all-caps claims.

Some celebrities also jumped into the fray, including Mark Hamill.

YouTube streamer videogamedunkey also chipped in.

You too can participate in the trend by letting your phone keyboard’s auto-suggest algorithm fill in the blanks.

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