Why is Jeremy Hunt's wife Lucia Guo being dubbed as a political weapon?

BRITAIN-EU-POLITICS-BREXIT-CONSERVATIVE Britain's Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt and leadership contender arrives with his wife Lucia | AFP

Jeremy Hunt's wife Lucia Guo would have been the resident of No 10 Downing Street, had Hunt been made the Prime Minister. But now, instead, she is being dubbed as a political weapon.  Here's why.

Not many know that former foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt's wife Lucia Guo and him have a 11-year age gap. The couple met at an event of  the politician’s education business Hotcourses in 2008. They married a year later in a traditinal Chinese ceremony. 

Now, owing to her intelligence, she has been dubbed as Hunt's political weapon. Hunt and Guo have three children and Hunt fears that his children might face discrimination if immigration is not controlled. 

The couple has a real estate business together called Mare Pond Properties Limited.