Tourist gives birth in Red Sea in Egypt

Red Sea Birth The man (left) carrying the newborn is said to be a doctor specialised in water births | Image courtesy: Hadiya Hosiny El Said

A baby's birth is one of the most beautiful moments that one can ever expect to go through in their life. But it is also a very traumatic experience for a mother. But, not for this Russian mother who seems to have had a breezy labour while swimming in the Red Sea. 

Photographs of a mother who gave birth to her child in the Red Sea near Dahab, Egypt are going viral. The photographs were taken by the uncle of Hadia Hosny El Said, an Egyptian badminton star. Her uncle owns a hotel on the shores of the Red sea and he spotted the incident from the balcony of his hotel.

The images show a man carrying the newborn with the umbilical chord still attached and the father of the baby is seen carrying the placenta in a bowl. Another image shows the mother walking back to the shore. She does not look as if she just went through labour and looks more like she had just gone for a swim. The newborn is brought to the shore where another child seems to have been waiting for them. The man carrying the baby appears to have been a doctor experienced in water births, according to the report in Daily Mail. The doctor's presence shows that the delviery appears to have been planned. 

The images posted on Facebook by Hadiya on March 10 have since gone viral and have been shared more than 2500 times.

Water births are preferred by many parents as it reduces the stress felt by the baby and mother when compared to normal births. Being underwater reduces pain felt by mothers during contractions and birth. Even babies born underwater are said to be more calm than those born in air.