KKR vs RCB: Dismissed Virat Kohli fumes at umpires over review decision

Virat Kohli was not at all happy with the decision

RCB's Virat Kohli debates with umpires following his dismissal against KKR RCB's Virat Kohli argues with umpires following his dismissal against KKR | Salil Bera

Dramatic moments were witnessed during the second innings of Sunday's IPL game between Kolkata Knight Riders and Royal Challengers Bengaluru. Chasing KKR's 222/6, Virat Kohli and Fad du Plessis gave RCB 

a flying start.

However, things took a surprise turn in the first ball of the third over bowled by seamer Harshit Rana. Batting on 18 from just seven balls, including two sixes and a four, Kohli was ruled out by the TV umpire. 

A high full-toss from Rana flew outside leg-stump and caught Kohli off-guard. In an effort to save himself from the ball, the former RCB captain used his bat -- handing the bowler an easy catch. According to Google-generated commentary, "The ball loops off the leading edge and Rana takes a dolly. Now, it remains to be seen whether that was above the waist height or not."

However, the third umpire found that Kohli was well outside the crease while putting his bat. He also ruled that the ball and the ball dipped below his waist during the time time of the contact. The ball-tracking also ruled against Kohli's case, showing that the ball would have been below the waist had Kohli been in his normal batting stance.

The shot that led to Virat Kohli's dismissal The shot that led to Virat Kohli's dismissal | Salil Bera

"The umpires send it upstairs and the replay shows that when Kohli made contact he was outside of the crease and the ball was dipping as well," Google commentary said.

Surprised by the decision, Kohli let his displeasure known to the on-field umpires before walking off.

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