Endrick announces his arrival at Wembley; scores his first goal for Brazilian national team

Endrick scored the opening goal during Brazil's friendly match against England

SOCCER-FRIENDLY-ENG-BRA/REPORT Brazil's Endrick scores his first goal during a friendly soccer match between England and Brazil at Wembley Stadium in London | Reuters

In the hallowed grounds of Wembley, the temple of football, the Brazilian predator Endrick Felipe announced his arrival on the world stage on Saturday, etching his name into the history books with a debut goal for Brazil's national team against England. 

With the poise and precision of a seasoned veteran, Endrick, the the boy wonder THE WEEK has been covering for you since he stunned the world with his breakout performance in 2022 at merely 15, pounced on a rebound and coolly slotted home the winner in the dying minutes of the game. 

It was a moment that encapsulated the prodigious talent and boundless potential of this young Brazilian. In the iconic arena that has hosted some of football's greatest triumphs, Endrick, the Palmeiras star who heads to Real Madrid this year, elevated his burgeoning global legend.

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The record books will show a 1-0 scoreline, but the match carried far greater significance. It marked the dawning of a new era for Brazilian football, with Endrick leading the charge as the embodiment of hope and renewal. His meteoric rise had already captured the imagination of fans worldwide but this goal on English soil stamped his credentials as the heir apparent to Brazil's rich legacy of legendary strikers. 

With a deft first touch and a striker's killer instinct, Endrick displayed the full range of his preternatural abilities. The goal itself was a microcosm of Endrick's prodigious talent – a predatory instinct married with technique of the highest order. As Vinicius Junior's shot was parried into his path, the young striker demonstrated a situational awareness and poise that betrayed his tender age. 

With the entirety of Wembley holding its collective breath, Endrick maneuvered his lithe frame and, with a feather's touch, caressed the ball across the line to etch his name into the books. Bedlam ensued, as the travelling Brazilian faithful exploded in euphoria.

In that glorious instant, the malaise and disappointment that had engulfed Brazilian football in recent years dissipated like a swirling London fog. 

A new dawn had arrived, embodied in the form of this swaggering young marksman whose insouciant brilliance radiated conviction and hope in equal measure. The goal was a primal scream, a rebuke to the narratives of decline that had threatened to engulf this proud footballing nation. 

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For Endrick, this was merely the overture in what promises to be a grand symphony of achievements. At just 17 years old, he has already carved out a place among the game's elite prospects. 

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In that transcendent instant, the vast potential that had set the footballing world abuzz coalesced into a deafening reality. A star was born under Wembley's hallowed arches.

In the rapturous aftermath, as his teammates engulfed him in joyous celebration, the young striker's facial expressions remained an impassive mask of serene focus – a tacit acknowledgment that this was merely the first salvo on a road destined for the dizzying heights scaled by Brazilian icons of yore. 

In our October 16, 2022 issue, THE WEEK wondered if he would be the next Pele. Indeed, for all the operatic grandeur of the occasion, Endrick's performance was a masterclass in situational minimalism. Rather than trying to do too much, he allowed his prodigious instincts to manifest themselves, hardly wasting a movement or touch as he danced nimbly between the tightest corridors. It was a performance that oozed class and efficiency – a tantalising aperitif of the regal artistry to come.

Perhaps most profoundly, Endrick's Wembley coming-out party served as a resounding reaffirmation of Brazil's sacred attacking lineage. In the young prodigy's bewitching amalgam of flair and ruthless precision, echoes of Romario, Ronaldo, and Rivaldo's genius reverberated across London's hallowed turf. It was as if the golden thread that joined Brazil's celestial strikers across eras had effortlessly passed into Endrick's gifted feet. 

In Endrick's sumptuous goal, in the raucous, cathartic cheers cascading through Wembley's iconic arches, a new era in Brazilian soccer had been heralded into existence. 

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