IPL 2024: Mentor Gautam Gambhir's big promise to KKR fans

The former left-handed opener paid his gratitude to KKR and Shah Rukh Khan

Gautam Gambhir [File] Gautam Gambhir | J. Suresh

Gautam Gambhir's captaincy had once helped Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) carve its own niche with two IPL titles in the last decade. Now, the former India opener starts his new journey as a 'Team Mentor.'

Turning the fortunes of a beleaguered outfit is nothing new for Gambhir, who had taken KKR's charge during the fourth season of IPL after the Shah Rukh co-owned team failed to reach the knock-out in the first three.

"I can assure you that whenever I leave this place (KKR), we will be in a much better position," Gambhir said in a promotional event ahead of the upcoming IPL season here.

The dashing former left-handed opener paid his gratitude to KKR and Shah Rukh Khan for their immense support over the years.

"I want to make one thing clear. I didn't make KKR successful, KKR made me successful. KKR made me a leader," he said.

Someone, who wears a heart on his sleeve, Gambhir could be a real short fuse and it will be interesting to see what kind of working relationship does he forge with another volatile but very successful domestic coach Chandrakant Pandit.

"I'm a very tough guy to handle. I have to thank SRK (Shah Rukh) and (Venky) Mysore (Managing Director of KKR) for putting up with my tantrums all these years."

Gambhir, an elected MP from East Delhi, known for his straight-talk, said the day he joined KKR, Shah Rukh gave him a free hand.

"He (SRK) told me the same thing that he had told me when I joined as a player. 'This is your franchise, make it or break it.'".

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