IndiGo fliers cheer for Sachin Tendulkar, foreign couple's reaction caught on camera

It seemed like they understood the man was a VIP but were unsure who he was

sachin-in-indigo-flight-video The two non-Indian fliers were seen talking as others applauded the cricketer | Video screengrab

Sachin Tendulkar remains a people's darling even after a decade since his retirement. If someone says otherwise, he/she should see the video that has gone viral on the internet since Tuesday.

The video shared on social media platforms shows the "Master Blaster" receiving a warm welcome from fellow fliers inside an IndiGo flight. Excited to see the cricket legend enter the flight, numerous passengers clapped, started recording and started chanting his name. The "Sachin...Sachin!" chants, that once reverberated across cricket stadiums across the nation as Tendulkar came out to bat, echoed inside the aircraft, the video showed.

Sachin Tendulkar, who was seen wearing a purple shirt and sunglasses, thanked fellow passengers with folded hands before taking his seat in the business class. The videos, however, were undated and had little to no information on when and where it was shot.

IndiGo staffers were seen standing near the cockpit with big smiles across their faces as Sachin acknowledged the passengers. Meanwhile, two foreigners seated in adjacent seats in the middle row were seen discussing the situation with themselves. Suspectably, they understood the man was a VIP who people cared about but were unsure who exactly he was.


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