Football referees to get BLUE CARD: What will happen if a player gets one instead of yellow/red? | 5 Points

Getting two blue cards during a match will be like receiving a straight red!

Football referees set to carry blue cards to discipline players Football referees set to carry blue cards to discipline players, claims report (AP image edited)

Football is set to witness the introduction of blue cards. According to a report published by The Telegraph, the blue cards will be introduced in the upcoming FA Cup and Women's FA Cup matches on a trial basis. Blue cards have been used this season during a sin-bin trial in grassroots football in Wales, media reports added.

  • The blue card will be carried and used alongside the yellow and red ones by the referee. The colour was reportedly chosen to ensure that the new cards clearly stood out from the other two.
  • The decision to introduce a blue cards on football pitches will be announced by International Football Association Board on Friday, The Telegraph reported.
  • According to the report, if a footballer is shown the blue card, he/she will be suspended from play for a period 10 minutes.
  • A referee will have the liverty to show a player the blue card if he/she commits a "cynical foul" or show dissent towards a match official.
  • Two blue cards will be equal to receiving a red card. A combination of a blue and yellow can also bring a player's time on the field to an end.


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