Benjamin Mendy sues Manchester City over unpaid wages

The former Man City defender was cleared of rape and sexual assault charges recently

Benjamin-Mendy (File) Benjamin Mendy | via X

Former Manchester City defender Benjamin Mendy has launched a claim against the club over unpaid wages, his lawyer said.

Mendy cited unauthorised deductions from wages after he was charged with rape and sexual assault in 2021.

Mendy, a France international, was cleared in January by a jury of six counts of rape and one count of sexual assault, relating to four young women or teenagers, following a six-month trial. Jurors failed to reach verdicts on two counts, of rape and attempted rape, leading to a retrial.

He was found not guilty of those two counts in July.

Nick De Marco confirmed in a statement sent to The Associated Press that he is acting on behalf of Mendy in a multi-million pound claim for unauthorised deductions from wages.

“Manchester City failed to pay Mr. Mendy any wages at all from September 2021, following Mr. Mendy being charged with various offense(s) all of which he was subsequently acquitted of, until the end of his contract in June 2023,” the statement read.

The claim will come before an employment tribunal.

Mendy last played for City in August 2021. He now plays for French club Lorient.

City did not immediately comment on the matter after being contacted by the AP.

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