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10 Most Interesting Games To Play Online


There was a time when playing games meant gathering friends to play outdoors or indoors. While that had its own charm, today, digital transformation has enabled gamers to enjoy online multiplayer games such as online board games with friends and strangers from the comfort of their homes.

With thousands of games available online, choosing the most interesting games can be a huge challenge. You find yourself downloading different games and deleting them after the first attempt just because they failed to pique your interest. At this point, you wish there was a way you could find the most interesting games to play online without wasting time.

Your quest for the most exciting games to play online ends here. We’ve handpicked the 10 most interesting games that will keep you entertained for hours.

Top 10 online games

As an avid gamer, what kinds of games interest you the most? Be it games with thrilling story plots, card games, online chess, or online shooter games, we have it all covered in our list. Go ahead and try out these different games on the MPL app to stay entertained for hours.


An online board game that’s a delight for both adults and children, Ludo is easy to learn and play. Ludo has been around for centuries and is a part of our best childhood memories. It’s still one of the most popular board games and is played widely offline and online in India, for light-hearted entertainment. The game can be played between 2 to 4 players with the objective of getting all four tokens to the finishing point. The first player to get all 4 tokens to the finishing point is the winner of the game.

To win in this online board game, you will have to plan a strategy to get your pieces safely to the endpoint while also killing your opponent’s pieces. It’s a fun game where you shouldn’t have any mercy on your opponents because that might make you lose the game. Just stick to your end goal, and join the race to the finish line.

Speed Chess

Online chess is not only for intellectuals; anyone can try a hand at an online chess game. Speed chess is the traditional chess game brought online for you to play at your convenience. Speed chess is a skill and strategy-based online board game that proves to be one of the best games for stimulating the brain. Children and adults can play chess online even if they have just started playing the game.

To start playing chess online, you should first learn how each of the 16 pieces moves. The main objective is to checkmate your opponent with any piece. The more you practice the chess game, the better will be your skills. Winning the game requires a strong strategy, learning a few tricks and moves, and regular practice.

Bubble Shooter

Shooting colorful bubbles is a great stress buster. So, whether you are bored at home or standing in a queue, just play the online shooter game to ease out. The game is super easy to understand and play and doesn’t require mastering different skills to win.

The Bubble Shooter gameplay involves clearing the colorful bubbles at the top of the screen by shooting the bubble from the cannon and aiming for a group of same-color bubbles. When you shoot a minimum of two same-color bubbles, those bubbles are destroyed, and you score points. Moreover, the bubbles hanging on to the bubbles you shoot also get burst. All you have to do is prevent the bubbles from touching the bottom of the screen. You can use a few tricks to get rid of the bubbles faster and level up.


Are you a fan of card games? The famous rummy game can also be played online with friends and random opponents. This skill-based challenging game is highly interactive and fun, with an added element of thrill. You can compete against millions of online players at your convenient time and use your skills to win the battles. If you are a beginner at rummy, you can enter the low stake games and build your skills by playing against like-minded people.

The rummy gameplay, as you may know, requires each player to form the required sets and sequences (including a pure sequence) from the 13 dealt cards and make a valid declaration to win the game. The better your skills, the higher are the chances of your win. You can enjoy rummy online to experience the thrill of playing with random opponents and gain new skills.

Fantasy Cricket

Cricket is the most loved and enjoyed game in India. What can be better than to be able to play your favorite game online? Fantasy cricket is one of the most popular fantasy games wherein you can make a virtual cricket team by choosing different players from an upcoming real-life match. You score points based on the performance of the selected players and the player with the highest points on the leaderboard wins the prize money.

Winning in fantasy cricket requires a deep understanding of the sport, players, analysis of the pitch conditions, toss, weather updates, and similar factors. So, you can now enjoy a live cricket match and also test your skills to win cash prizes by playing fantasy cricket online.

Rogue Heist

Looking for a game that gives you an adrenaline rush? Rogue Heist is the perfect game for online shooter game lovers. With never-ending gunplay and a heist, you can play Rogue Heist in a solo mode or a multiplayer mode. Rogue Heist is the first of its kind in India, promising an intense, engaging, and unique experience of an online shooter game. You can choose from the 4 different specialists and customize your guns and specialists with striking skins. Go for a heist against a different team or a killing spree to get rid of your rival team in just 7 minutes. Build your team, make a fool-proof strategy, and pick a gaming mode from the 3 different gaming modes available on MPL.

8 Ball Pool

A good game of pool can now be enjoyed online with random opponents. In comparison to other cue sports such as snooker and billiards, 8 ball pool is a fast-paced game. The game is played professionally across different regions with cue sticks, one cue ball, and 15 object balls. The objective of the game is to pocket all your object balls without making fouls. It is a strategy-based game and learning a few trick shots can lead to a definite win or give you a competitive edge.


WCC2 is another exciting online cricket game for cricket lovers. The game offers 3D graphics and real-time game situations for cricket mobile game lovers, adding an advanced level to the game. You can play a variety of cricket shots in a 1v1 or 1vN online multiplayer mode. You can also find famous shots such as Helicopter shot, Dil-Scoop, and Upper Cut on WCC2. Enjoy the game with 150 types of batting animations and 29 bowling actions. This game is a real delight for all the cricket fans out there.

Fruit Chop

Another great stress buster game, Fruit Chop, is a children-favorite game. You don’t need to be an expert at chopping fruits in real-life. You can just swipe your finger on your mobile screens to chop all the fruits that come up. Be careful of the bombs that come along with the fruits sometimes. If you chop the bomb, the game is over. If you miss a fruit, you will also lose a life, and the game is over after you lose three lives.

Runner No. 1

Do you have your running gear on? Well, you don’t really need it for this game. If you are looking for an endless running 3D video game, Runner No. 1 is for you. As the player, you control the explorer that’s trying to escape the bear he’s being chased by. Running through different terrains without falling off cliffs or colliding with obstacles will surely get the adrenaline pumping. The longer you manage to run from the bear, the higher will be your score. Make sure to collect as many gold coins as possible on your journey to yield bonus points.

Final Thoughts

Now that we have shortlisted the 10 best online games for you, you can start playing your favorite game without further delay. The good news is that you can play most of these games for free or even enter the cash games to win real cash on MPL. So, if you are looking for some entertainment or practice to brush up your skills, try the free battles. Once you are ready for the bigger challenges with real money involved, head on to other battles and tournaments to show off your skills.

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