Shadab Khan accused of blackmail by Dubai-based woman

The woman revealed that the Pakistan player had threatened to leak her pictures

Pakistan player Shadab Khan accused of blackmail by Dubai-based woman Shadab Khan with Ashreena Safia; Screenshot of their messages posted by Ashreena on Instagram

Pakistan all-rounder Shadab Khan found himself in hot water after a Dubai-based woman took to Instagram and accused him of blackmail on Monday.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Ashreena Safia said that she believed the lies Shadab fed her and “unconsciously enabled his behaviour”. She said Shadab threatened to leak her nude pictures if she made her relationship with him public. Her relationship with Shadab had started affecting her family, Ashreena added.

“YES I see all the messages you guys send and it is very hard for me to accept but here we are. This is personal/vulnerable for me to share but I have a platform Alhamdulillah to do right. I’m sorry to all the girls who reached out for help when they were used and taken advantage of by the person I was with. Astaghfirullah that I believed his lies and unconsciously enabled his behavior. I have zero to gain from posting this but if I can help one girl become aware then I’m willing to jeopardize myself. I’ve been dealing with this since I moved to Dubai. Shadab is probably the first guy I’ve cared about so deeply and it’s hard to process this still. I cant address anything further for legal reasons so please respect my privacy,” she captioned the post while putting up her side of the story and screenshots of the WhatsApp messages Shadab had sent her.

In the series of pictures posted, she mentions that Shadab contacted her from various numbers to tell her not to make their relationship public after a Pakistani journalist posted a story about them. He threatened to leak her nude pictures if she did.

Ashreena added that she won't address this issue again and this is her only statement.

She also posted pictures and videos of them together along with the exchange of messages to corroborate her claims.

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